martedì 22 marzo 2016

Horseback trail ride in Tuscany Italy

Riding in Tuscany is a joy for the senses. I’ve ridden many times on vacation in the Tuscan landscape of Italy, and each time was enriching in so many ways.

One of the all day ride organized by the Prategiano stables - one of the most well known Equestrian Center in Tuscany - took us through cool, quiet forests, over trails lined with ripe blackberries, then through streams and open, lush green fields. Our happy group of riders stopped at a picnic spot where we were treated to a feast created by Hotel Prategiano's kitchen. On this day, the group was comprised of friendly people from all over the world; German, Russian, Czech, Italian, Austrian, Swedish, Swiss, Dutch, Bavarian, and American. 

How extraordinary it is to meet new people, sit down and spend the next hour laughing together. During one lunch stop, the horses were able to graze in a meadow full of lemon verbena, lavender, mint, and several other aromatic herbs I didn’t recognize. Every step the horse took stirred the most delicious scent you could imagine. 

Another ride took us to a river where the horses splashed with joy. A stupendous lunch was grilled over and open fire. One day was spent cantering over grassy hills and strolling through vineyards and olive groves. These horse holidays in Tuscany fill my soul. The sights, the aromas, the food, and the physical exhilaration of riding together in camaraderie with new friends are what make these and many other experiences in Tuscany unforgettable.

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