domenica 22 marzo 2015

Horseback ride to Tuscanys famous mines of Gerfalco

Today we rode to Gerfalco, one of the full day ride destinations that is offered at the Trail Riding Center in Tuscany Prategiano. Esmarelda, a delightful chestnut and Nikitia a local Maremma bred horse were our horses for the trip. Nikitia is fast becoming one of my favourite's here at the stables. She is a forward moving mare , who is fantastic to take out for a long ride. Her gait's are very comfortable, and she has the stamina to go all day.
Setting out for the morning, the Tuscan countryside had put on a nice day for us, without a cloud in the sky and 25 degrees we both quickly had out arms bare to soak up the rays.  It was a perfect spring day for riding.After trekking through the forest, crossing river's and galloping through fields, we eventually found ourselves in the small medieveil viallge of Gerfalco.
After having a litle sight see of the town, we headed up to a beautiful open area where we had views of the sea, and to finally sit down to a well deseved rest, (for us and the horses), and to join the rest of the Prategiano gang who had arrived with the bus with a hot picnic lunch made freshly by our chief Sarah.
After 2 courses, cheese, salami, bread and or course some delicious Tuscan wine, we all were well feed and happy to enjoy the sunny afternoon chatting with new friends.

A few kilo's heavier we were ready to saddle back up  and continue on with our afternoon riding back to the hotel. Passing along the road we meet a local farmer with his flock of sheep, Nikitia who pretends she is the boss of everyone was terribly afraid of the fluffy white moving animals, and didn't even mind letting Esmarelda go first!
Back the stables, we gave the horses an well deserved bath before letting them off to go, roll in the paddock and get all dirty again, It is always the way! But I could not complain after having such a fantastic day during our riding holiday in Italy. Plan to come to Italy and see Tuscany on horseback!

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