domenica 22 marzo 2015

Horseback ride on the beach in Italy

What a beautiful day at the beach! What is more thrilling than galloping along a white deserted beach on the sparkling green Med?  This morning we packed up the horses and headed toward the protected natural park at Cala Violina.  With three amazing clients, Andrea on his mountain bike, and me with our smallest horse, Gina, we set out through the beautiful Mediterranean landscape toward the sea. 

After a refreshing gallop along the shore and some splashing in the waves, we met a group of hungry Italians for an amazing lunch by the sea. They told us fantastic stories about their adventures and mountain bike tours through Tuscany.

And there was wine, of course!  Then it was time for some bareback fun with the horses.  Our friend Barbara took a swim with the haflinger Asia. Everyone had a good laugh at the poor Italian girl who was quite surprised to see a horse go galloping by while she was sunbathing.  I wish I could have seen her face! 

On the ride back, the warm sun was shining and a cool breeze kept us totally comfortable.  In the Park of Cala Violina, the atmosphere is tranquil; the only sounds are the birds and the waves. There is something sublime about sand and sun, friends, beautiful weather and horse riding in Italy. Che bella l’Italia!!

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