sabato 21 novembre 2015

When the sun goes down

Holidays in Tuscany offers many things. Besides delicious food, Italian lifestyle, incredible nature, sports and many more, there is another world to be discovered: The Night.

The hotel Prategiano is shroud by the nature. In the nights you will not find lights, clubs, cars, or any sort of shambles. Certainly the most impressive thing is to look up at the sky and admire the stars. So close and yet so far, they sparkle in a dimension rarely seen and realized by many people. On top of the mountain of Montieri, near the hotel Rifugio Prategiano, one can forget the world and the time for a moment staring up into the sky until the neck starts hurting. But there seem to be endless constellations such as the Orion, the Cassiopeia, the Ursa Minor, Leo, Cancer and many more. And who does not want to make a wish when a shooting star passes by?!

Then there is the sounds of the night. One has to be patient and quiet and close the eyes but then you can hear a whole new world being alive during nighttime. Owls whispering in the trees, branches moving in the wind, wild boars looking for a late dinner, a cat crying for a lover. If you take your time you can dive into it and who knows? Maybe it even takes away the worries of the day. The presents of the nature are surprising and way to often do us humans forget about appreciating them.

Moreover, after looking at the quiet part of the night, there is also another way of spending it. With a glass of wine or two or three.. and good conversations with interesting people. Part of a holiday can be to get to know other views and to hear the stories of other lives. Italians love that part of life, so enjoy it and taste it yourself at our Agriturismo in Montieri !

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